Forrest Hog Rings by CustomWeldMesh

Loose hog rings, zinc plated finish

Great for upholstery, fencing, horticulture

We also stock the compatible Forrest hog ring tools for quick and neat fitting.


Forrest Hog Rings
loose hog rings same as trident hog ring plier

Forrest hr-200 loose hog rings

loose hog rings, 200qty or 1KG Bulk pack available.

Ideal for upholstery, vintage car seats, bungee rope.

Zinc plated finish

Product: Loose hog rings
Product Code: hr200
Pack Sizes :


Forrest Hog Ring Pliers
hog ring plier angled head hog ring tool

Forrest hr-200-plier

Pliers for use with hr-200 hog rings

Angled head for hard to reach places

Budget but quality plier

Product: Angled Head hog ring plier
Product Code: HrAngPlier
Price: £12.49 +Vat