Gallery of previous work

BBQ grills made to size bepoke sizes cooking grills uk made mild steel stainless steel BBQ grill barbecure grill Heater guards light guards CCTV guards security cages wire mesh guards bespoke made to size Emergency light guards made to size wire mesh guards bespoke sizes

BBQ Grills Made to size

Heater guards Emergency exit light guards
Gabion baskets horticulture bespoke size gabion cages UK made to size wire mesh cut to size weld mesh knotch and folded to size Machine guards made to size design and install available

Bespoke Gabion baskets

Galvanised wire mesh cut and folded to customer specification Bespoke machine guarding
Wire mesh basketball scorebord guard security guard uk made wire mesh light fittings bespoke made wire light fittings PIR sensor guards light guards cctv guards bespoke sizes made to order

Bespoke Guard for Basketball scoreboard

Wire formed light fittings Temperature sensor guards
poultry enrichment cage egg production cage poultry unit cages university poultry unit

Bepoke size guards for large spot lights

CCTV Guards zinc plated & powder coated

Poultry enrichment cage for university poultry unit, made to design

wire mesh infill panels galvanised fencing infill panels wire mesh infill panels saftey yellow powder coated finish Air conditioning unit guards galvanised zinc plated powder coated finish.

Wire mesh infill panels ready for galvanising & powder coating

Wire mesh infill panels satey yellow powder coated finish

Air conditioning unit guards made to customers sizes.

wire mesh litter bin liners waste bins poultry enrichment cages university poultry unit uk made air condioning unit guards bespoke sizes avaible

Wire mesh bin liners ready for solid bases to be fitted.

Poultry enrichment cages built for university.

Air conditioning unit guards silver zinc plated finish

staircase infill panels rhobus shape Wire mesh drying baskets wire mesh shelves made to size

Staircase infill panels Galvanised finish

Wire Mesh Drying Trays

Wire Mesh Shelves for paint drying rack made to size.


Product: Forrest CT10 Clip Plier
Product Code: CT10 Plier

Price: £30.82 +VAT

Product: Forrest CT10 Clips
Product Code: CT10 Clips
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Product: Ajax Nettings clips
Product Code: AjaxClips
Pack Size :

Product: Loose hog rings
Product Code: hr200
Pack Sizes :