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CustomWeldMesh J-clips & J-cliptools

New to 2018 we are now manufacturing J-clips in two different sizes along with supplying the matching J-Cliptools. Originally J-Clips were commonly used for building aviary’s and other animal enclosures but also work well for fencing, gabions and jointing wire mesh. All our J-clip are made by us in the UK from quality sheet steel with a galvanized long lasting finish.

Small J-Clips: jc4 Best suited for lightweight wire mesh maximum joining 2x 2.5mm wires. Works well with, Aviary’s, Chicken wire, Hamster cages, Traps.

Large J-Clips: jc8 Best suited for Heavier gauge wire mesh maximum joining 2x 4mm wires. Work well with fencing, gabions, barbed wire, dog cages.


Small J-Clips Code: jc4

j-clips wire mesh clips fencing clips wire mesh guard clips avairy clips poultry cages

Large J-Clips Code: jc8

wire mesh clips ct10 ct35 j-clips uk made wire mesh clips



CustomWeldMesh J-Clips UK Made
j-clips wire mesh clips hartco clips avairys clips

Small J-clips Code: jc4

Ideal for jointing light weight wire mesh, aviaries , rabbit cages.

Will clip up to 2x2.5mm wires

Product: Small J-clips Close to 4mm
Product Code: JC4
Pack Size :

Small j-clip plier code: jc4plier-RED

Used for neat quick closure of the jc4 small J-clips,

Angled head for easyer accsess when building cages.

Heavy duty pro pliers

Product: Small JC4 j-clip plier
Product Code: JC4PlierBlue

Price: £26.65 +Vat

Small j-clip plier code: jc4plier-Black

Used for neat quick closure of the jc4 small J-clips.

Heavy duty pro pliers

Product: Small JC4 Plier
Product Code: JC4PlierBlack

Price: £26.65 +Vat

Gabion clips heavy wire mesh clips j-clips j clips

Large J-Clips Code: jc8

Ideal for heavy wire mesh, gabions, dog cages, fencing.

Will clip up to 2x4mm wires.

Product: Large JC8 J-clips close to 8mm
Product Code: JC8
Pack Size :

Large J-Clip plier code: jc8plier

Used for neat quick closure of the jc8 large J-clips.

Heavy duty pro pliers.

Product: Large JC8 J-clip plier
Product Code: JC8Plier
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Product: Forrest CT10 Clip Plier
Product Code: CT10 Plier

Price: £30.82 +VAT

Product: Forrest CT10 Clips
Product Code: CT10 Clips
Pack Quantity :

Product: Ajax Nettings clips
Product Code: AjaxClips
Pack Size :

Product: Loose hog rings
Product Code: hr200
Pack Sizes :